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Hair. COLOR. EXTENSIONS. Makeup. photography. by Ann Marie Walts

Catalina...Kidnapped by Makeover Artist!

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So, I spent the all day, and into the evening with Ann Marie.   Basically, she kidnapped me.  First we were at her salon, and freshened up my color, and next we went to her photography studio.    


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Video Slideshow

Here is an overview video of what Ann Marie Walts has to offer for hair, extensions and professional photography.  

What would you like to change about your hair?

I am a Artist, Hair/Lash Extension Expert, Former Haircolor Educator & Photographer  specializing in making people over from the inside out.  I am an eclectic artist that is passionate about the creative process, as a whole. So, whether you need a new look to your own photoshoot....I am confident that you'll have a unique experience, when you hire my business.

 ~Thank you - Ann Marie Walts

*A very , very SPECIAL THANK you, Catalina for such a wonderful time!!  :)

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